Monkeys on the Bed included in Expressive Comics Section

Monkeys on the Bed, my comic art contribution to GMN #1, was included in the Expressive Comics section of DeviantArt News yesterday. Emma Reynolds described Monkeys on the Bed as: "beautiful sepia ink wash and black ink outlined comic, about a little girl called Celest, her elderly relative aptly named Aunty Grim, and Celest’s five pet monkeys."

Expressive Comics is a new feature on deviantArt. Emma Reynolds, a deviantArt member from the UK, came up with the idea. She defines an expressive comic artist as someone whose "painting and drawing often has a definite impressionist and expressionist quality, and they make use of working over textures, combing collage, using mixed media, ink, charcoal, pastels."

She says she highlighted these expressive cartoonists because "[i]t is rare to find artists who utilize such techniques within Comic and Cartoons here on DeviantArt."

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