Holden Brothers in GMN #2

Animation by Luke Holden | Music by Sunsblood

We were lucky enough to get stories by the brothers Luke & John Holden in GOOD MINNESOTAN Episode 2. The pair does make the DETRIMENTAL INFORMATION mini-comics together, but that's hardly the tip of the 'berg. In addition to writing, John performs spoken word and is an avid video blogger. Luke does not only illustration and lettering, but he plays drums in a band and creates animations, paintings, and tattoo designs. Look for them in the next episode of GOOD MINNESOTAN (release date May 16, 2008 at ART-A-WHIRL)!

Web Links:
> Total Vom Show website: Luke & John's website which includes their animations, video blogs, albums and mini-comics.

> In November 2007, John was interviewed by Curtis Gilbert for the Minnesota Public Radio story: Video blogger learns YouTube stardom has a price.

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Jeanne said...

Love the animation. And the music. Superb.