Just Married and More Mad Props for Good Minnesotan!

Yesterday Meghan and I went downtown with a few members of our families and signed some papers in front of a judge. Turns out we are now married! We plan on having an art show/party in summer '09 to celebrate. For folks with interest and in town, stay tuned to this blog and we will announce the date in the coming months.

Good Minnesotan # 3 is now available to purchase at the Poopsheet Shop. If you have any interest in purchasing or even just peaking at an awesome array of mini comix and alternative/underground comix, I urge you to check the Poopsheet Shop out. Rick Bradford has an online mini-comix/underground comix Museum that you actively participate in and purchase amazing ART from. For more of the historical angle, check out Poopsheet Foundation.

Back in September Dank! AKA Danno Klonowski (GMN#3 contributor) was interviewed on Cream City Comics and gave us a little mention. It's a cool interview and worth checking out! You can read it here.

On Rob Clough's High-Low Best of 2008 we were given an Honorable Mention. It's a very cool list.

Lastly, I made a bit of a boo-boo in my last post. To clarify, Struktur and GMN#4 are two separate projects. Sorry for the confusion!

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