Manny + Bigfoot Reviewed in the Daily Cross Hatch

My husband Raighne woke me up at one in the morning last night to tell me the news: "Your mini-comic's been reviewed in The Daily Cross Hatch!" I was sure I was dreaming, because this has been one of our oft wished and oft denied goals over the past year and a half of making comics. So I rolled over and said, "Uh, huh. Nice honey." He kept talking, saying the review was positive. "Wait, what?" And that some people had ordered Manny + Bigfoot through our online shop after reading the review.

Today, I found out that it wasn't just a dream. My new mini-comic Manny + Bigfoot was reviewed on The Daily Cross Hatch on March 26. According to Sarah Morean, the mini-comics editor/reviewer at the Daily Cross Hatch, "Its a charmer." To read the full review please click here. Sarah's review is an excellent introduction to the mini-comic if you are curious about it.

Also...Sarah's review of Manny + Bigfoot got mentioned in Journalista (the Comics Journal Weblog). Here's what Dirk Deppey said after reading Sarah's review: "Praise for Meghan Hogan comic, which is printed on elephant-poop paper. No, really. Elephant=poop paper." Sweet old ellie poo, how I love you. If you want to see it for yourself, click here and scroll down slowly, and lovingly.

Thank you Sarah Morean and Dirk Deppey! Thank you Justin for noticing the review and informing Raighne!

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Sarah Morean said...

Happy to help! It's a great book. I'm really happy you got some sales out of it!