Yearbooks Launched into the Basket!

When Shaun, Raighne and I were setting up the Launch Party we met a woman who summed up the night's events perfectly:"I have like 600 people's numbers on my phone but only 6 I could call to pick me up at the airport."

We threw our party on Sunday night, on Father's Day, in the rain! Most folks who would normally attend an outdoor summer party stayed home. However, the friends who would pick us up at the airport, wait, let me ammend that, the friends who have picked us up at the airport, formed the bulk of the party. We enjoyed the intimate gathering, and it was fun to meet our friends' friends that had braved the poor weather.

We attempted to project Basket Case on the big screen, but phantom technology problems prevailed despite all efforts by Amanda of Arise and a friendly Walker Arts guard. We ended up hovering around a laptop! It was better suited to the smaller turn out!

We had a lengthy discussion about our shared dislike of Holy Land's hummus's new packaging (more paper, less food) and receipe (way over-whipped). The garlic flavor, which used to be my fav, is now inedible. Luckily Raighne and I baked some cookies which Shaun photographed. They tasted delicious but look like poop in the photo. Sort of fitting?

Thank you to Arise Books, Big Time Attic, Ed Choy Moorman, Dirk Deppey of Journalista, Twin Cities Daily Planet, Dan Olson of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and Minneapolis's Comic Examiner Ted Anderson for promoting the Yearbooks launch. For anyone who has Minneapolis and/or Minnesota comics events coming up in the future: contact Ted!

Finally a big thank you to Shaun, co-birther of Yearbooks. He helped us copy our flyers, get our stuff and selves to and from the event, bought lots of sweet yuppie treats for our guests, and he was so nice and funny the whole time. He even remembered to take pictures at the party...which once again, we did not. Friends! Airports! Yearbooks!

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