2d Cloud's New Studio

Here's a tantalizing glimpse of our new studio. We are still on the 2nd floor of the Thorp Building, but we are across the parking lot. It's like an Escher print!

Here we are in our comics & games area. It's still unorganized, but you can see part of the display case for convention decor and my drawing desk. Through the doorway behind us is where we are assembling our screenprinting, papermaking, and bookmaking areas. Not pictured is our painting studio, inventory closet, and bathroom. Yes, the possibilities have expanded.

Our first project is our contribution to Good Minnesotan episode #4. The deadline has been somewhat flexible as we have decided to postpone the publishing date until we have organized funding. We will be applying for grants beginning at the end of August so that is when we need finished pages. Watch for additional pics as we set the studio up!

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