The Curtains Close

Welp folks, this is the end of the road for this here blog. You can keep up to date on all things 2D Cloud over at the 2DC blog. In addition, Good Minnesotan, as a series is also ending. It has been a fun run. Recently we have even landed the #2 spot on Rob Clough's Top 25 Minis of 2010 via The Comics Journal with our fourth and final issue, GMN#4. I want to thank everyone who has donated their time and / or cash to plunk down a copy of this humble art comics series. You have all made it worth while. Thank you.

Over at Itchy Keen, we have been doing short, sweet stock interviews with some of the creators of the 4th issue. The plan is to expand this to include everyone in the series. So please, stop by now and again to catch these little interviews as they progress.

In the interim, this is a list of folks who helped us make GMN#4 possible, through their art, funds, time and coverage.

Daniel Jay Olson
Richard Krauss of Midnight Fiction
Sarah Huneke
James Vculek of Partizan Pictures
Eric Schuster
Craig Farmer
Carolyn Belefski
Mark McGinty of Seventh Avenue Productions and author of The Cigar Maker
Nicholas Breutzman
Daniel Moyer Artisan
Martha Iserman
Matt Wells
Vincent Stall
Meghan Hogan
Ed Choy Moorman
Luke Holden
Justin Skarhus
Sarah Dan Bee Tulius
Megan Koh Eun Tulius
Zak Sally
Sean Lynch
Noah Harmon
Joseph Nixon
Steroid Party
Mux Mool for dem beats
Maddie Queripel
Emily Kaplan
Toby Jones
Kevin Cannon
Joshana Anderson
Tom Kaczynski
Neville McKinnie
Buck Sutter
Anna Bongiovanni
Mayme Donsker
Will Dinski
Reynold Kissling
Tim Sievert
Eric Ruby
Pat Hogan of Virtual Reality
Holy Land Brand
Central Avenue Liquors
Bryan Mitchell
Nick Busse
Carrie Parra
Theresa Dew
Rossi Fraenkel
Achilles Sangster II
Charles Gearin
Debbie Skarhus
Jeanne Shields
Mike Mullan
Ruthie Hanson
Brittany Edwards
Luke Mackowiak
Rob Clough of TCJ and the High-Low blog
Matt Dick of Exquisite Thing
Kevin Bramer of Optical Sloth
Shannon Smith of File Under Other
Matthew Brady of Warren-Peace
Matthew Kessen of Playtime Magazine
Shaun Feltz
Chantel Holsather

A big thanks to everyone!

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. If you write me on the 2DC blog, I will correct it ASAP.What's written here is hidden until the readers click on Read More! link.

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