The Curtains Close

Welp folks, this is the end of the road for this here blog. You can keep up to date on all things 2D Cloud over at the 2DC blog. In addition, Good Minnesotan, as a series is also ending. It has been a fun run. Recently we have even landed the #2 spot on Rob Clough's Top 25 Minis of 2010 via The Comics Journal with our fourth and final issue, GMN#4. I want to thank everyone who has donated their time and / or cash to plunk down a copy of this humble art comics series. You have all made it worth while. Thank you.

Over at Itchy Keen, we have been doing short, sweet stock interviews with some of the creators of the 4th issue. The plan is to expand this to include everyone in the series. So please, stop by now and again to catch these little interviews as they progress.

In the interim, this is a list of folks who helped us make GMN#4 possible, through their art, funds, time and coverage.

Daniel Jay Olson
Richard Krauss of Midnight Fiction
Sarah Huneke
James Vculek of Partizan Pictures
Eric Schuster
Craig Farmer
Carolyn Belefski
Mark McGinty of Seventh Avenue Productions and author of The Cigar Maker
Nicholas Breutzman
Daniel Moyer Artisan
Martha Iserman
Matt Wells
Vincent Stall
Meghan Hogan
Ed Choy Moorman
Luke Holden
Justin Skarhus
Sarah Dan Bee Tulius
Megan Koh Eun Tulius
Zak Sally
Sean Lynch
Noah Harmon
Joseph Nixon
Steroid Party
Mux Mool for dem beats
Maddie Queripel
Emily Kaplan
Toby Jones
Kevin Cannon
Joshana Anderson
Tom Kaczynski
Neville McKinnie
Buck Sutter
Anna Bongiovanni
Mayme Donsker
Will Dinski
Reynold Kissling
Tim Sievert
Eric Ruby
Pat Hogan of Virtual Reality
Holy Land Brand
Central Avenue Liquors
Bryan Mitchell
Nick Busse
Carrie Parra
Theresa Dew
Rossi Fraenkel
Achilles Sangster II
Charles Gearin
Debbie Skarhus
Jeanne Shields
Mike Mullan
Ruthie Hanson
Brittany Edwards
Luke Mackowiak
Rob Clough of TCJ and the High-Low blog
Matt Dick of Exquisite Thing
Kevin Bramer of Optical Sloth
Shannon Smith of File Under Other
Matthew Brady of Warren-Peace
Matthew Kessen of Playtime Magazine
Shaun Feltz
Chantel Holsather

A big thanks to everyone!

If I forgot anyone, I apologize. If you write me on the 2DC blog, I will correct it ASAP.What's written here is hidden until the readers click on Read More! link.
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Good Minnesotan 4 + Kickstarter (edit)

Hello Good Minnesotan readers. We are having a fund drive of sorts via Kickstarter. How it works, you make a pledge from $1 to $100 and get an awesome thank you gift. If we get the funds we can publish the GMN4. If we don't meet our minimum goal, we will have some serious re-thinking to do. More info available on the Kickstarter page below:

GMN4 will be about 30 contributors and somewhere around 120 pages. It's going to be an amazing little book. To get it out to shops and to shows we need your help. Take a peek, make a pledge. I don't think you shall regret it. Also, as a reminder. 2D Cloud has moved. Follow us here. Please and thank yous!
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2D Cloud Blog

We have begun a 2D Cloud blog. Please follow us there. This Good Minnesotan blog will continue to exist as an archive for info on the Good Minnesotan books.

Thank you!
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2D Cloud @ MCBA Book Arts Fest this Saturday

10am-5pm this Saturday Nov 14 Raighne and I will be at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts selling our comics and creatures at the Center's annual Book Arts Fest. I'm super excited because I've never gotten to work this event before. There will be lots of artist-created books. The thought of all those handmade papers, screen-printed covers, and letterpress printed texts makes my quiver with delight. No doubt I'll be spending any and all of my profits...  Also, I've heard from my Mom that there is a mystery writing conference going on at the Loft Literary Center (also located at Open Book) on the same day.

We will have the second edition of Beard Growing Contest for sale at our table. It has a different cover, printed by our amazing neighbor Eric Recktenwald and his company The Lab Digital Production. The printing quality makes me cry with awe.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts is located in
the Open Book Building in downtown Minneapolis
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612.215.2520

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FallCon...Rain Taxi TC Book Fest...what happened

Last October during FallCon it was almost 90 degrees and this year it snowed. Bahhh! I've never experienced a mild convention. Here we are freezing in our fall gear. Thanks to Renny's photo of us you can admire Raighne's Louvre-stashe. All the worthy male MIA guards are sporting them for the Louvre show.

Tom K. stopped by our table to take a photo. While I was looking for it on Flickr I found Tom's photo of Justin at the Toronto Comic Arts Fest 2009. While Justin and Sarah manned the table we stopped by Tom's table and bought a copy of the mini-comic Gabrielle Bell's L.A. Diary. He he wrote the Introduction. Gabrielle sketched a portrait of Raighne and I in our new copy. Wish we had a portrait of our lovely Shaun Feltz. He represented 2D Cloud at Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Fest and it was his birthday week too...

Here's a (blurry overexposed) photo of one of my Geirdoz. Geirdo is what my brother used to call me when we were kids. I translate it roughly as meaning dork or nerd. I did a test sale with two of these crocheted creatures at FallCon. We just got asked to participate in the Artist Mart at the Walker Art Center's Gift Shop in December and I will sell more Geirdoz there. Better pics to come with my Geirdoz blog.

Post-convention recap: We've got to burn lots of midnight oil what with all the minis we picked up from local comics people. This reading list most notably includes Sam Anderson who, in addition to comics, gave us a free screen print of an ear. We owe him.
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Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival & MCBA's FallCon

Shaun Feltz will be holding down the fort at Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival this Saturday. The Festival is a 1 day event, and admission is free! Free admission is always pretty neat. Our latest book, Yearbooks, which was co-scribed by Mr. Shaun Feltz, will be at said event. What you will find besides our latest books (and our older GMN titles) is some excellent small press books/crafts/comics and other misc. crafts created by some talented local folks and a few not so local. Take a peak, will you?

Event Hours:
10:00am-5pm... or thereabouts.

MCTC At (Minneapolis Community & Technical College) 1501 Hennepin Avenue S

The other event of which Meghan and I will be covering is MCBA's FallCon. This event is next Saturday and Sunday. There is a fee to check out all the cool local comic books, which is 11$. It is good for both days though, not too shabby ay? And Yearbooks will be there as well. In addition we do have a new little mini that Justin and I did. Something small and a bit weird I am sure. Meghan will be representing the other spectrum of the weird with little crocheted creatures crawling around a new little diorama. We may have some other little things too...

On the 2nd day of festivities, Justin and Sarah will be arriving at the our little neck of the FallCon woods as they will have just gotten back from Korea. They may still be jet lagged and bleary headed which could make for some fun and/or pleasant conversation righty?

Event Hours:
10:00am-5pm or so

At the State Fair Grounds right off of Snelling in Saint Paul

Stop by our tables, chat us up, look at our odd books and creations, and maybe buy 1 or 2!

Also, a belated thank you to anybody that stopped by to visit with Nic Breutzman, creator of Yearbooks, at SPX last weekend! Just as importantly, thank you Nic for holding down the fort and chatting up folks!
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Floo Powder, Ain't it Grand!

I wish we could use Floo Powder to travel to all of our tour dates. Planes are so expensive and dirty. Here is one of the wedding photos of us in Harry Potter travel mode. We are emerging from the chimney in our studio. This was Simon Stromberg's idea as is the photo.

We'll try the Floo Powder when we attend "An Evening of Fine Wine and Fine Books" Tuesday, October 13; 6-8pm at The Shop and in MCBA’s gallery. You're welcome to do the same.

Here is MCBA's event description: "Peruse new and exclusive book art represented by The Shop at MCBA, sample a delectable variety of wines and cheeses, and socialize (or talk shop) with other artist’s book collectors, enthusiasts and artists. New work will be on display this evening by book artists from across the nation and beyond. Sponsored by the MCBA Collectors Forum."

2d Cloud's books will be displayed at a table there...and we'll be roaming the gallery as well.
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