GMN #1 reviewed in Optical Sloth

Kevin Bramer of opticalsloth.com has published the first online review of Good Minnesotan #1. He requests, "More like this please! [T]his book as a concept is exactly what's needed to keep this medium going strong: regional anthologies."

How did he grade it? "Overall a pretty solid collection." Kevin was in agreement with the majority of feeback we've heard from other readers when he said, "There's the strongest piece of the book, also by Raighne Hogan, called Teddy Bears And Time Travel." For those who are wondering more about the stories in GMN #1, Kevin provides a good summary. Read the entire review here.

Reviewer Kevin Bramer hails from Columbus, Ohio. Optical Sloth is a Kevin's website for small press comics. Anyone who enjoys mini-comics should peruse its reviews, online store, and forum.

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