GMN #1 gets Filed Under Other

"As a whole, I would say that the Good Minnesotan gang's visual strengths outweigh the storytelling at this point but it is only a first issue and as far as first issues go this one is a gem," writes Shannon Smith in his review of GM1. In his mini-comics blog he aptly calls File Under Other, Shannon described my comic work as "eerie yet charming", Raighne's as a "good mystery or riddle unfolding" and Justin's Revenge Fantasies as the most traditional yet still "avant garde". He also wrote that the good feel provided by the Elli Poo paper would be a deciding factor for him when making purchasing decisions at a convention or store. Read the entire review here.

Shannon Smith of Castlewood, VA is a mini-comics creator as well as a reviewer. He is also a member of the Small Press League and was recently the subject of one of their online interviews. Currently he is working on Sleepwalker, a collection of his mini-comics, which he will make available in the spring of 2008.

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