FallCon08 + Snark Infested Waters Interview

Babble rabble- Pic by The Edwardian Moor-Man using my 5 year utter shite cell camera featuring our core gang: Justin Skarhus, my bearded self, and Maggie! We are featured in a small press interview collage Snark Infested Waters give a listen.

Much and many thanks and apologies go to Justin for being the owner of wheels, patience, goodly friendshipness.

We also got to see a bunch of our contributors at the Con, like Ed Moorman, Maddie Queripel, Reynold Kissling, Alex Witts, and Anna Bongiovanni. Thanks for stopping by and/or just saying hi!

My braighne is currrrrently caffinated, so I apologize for any forthcoming jumbled thoughts or forgetfulness. A couple other very talented artists swung by our table to do comic trades or consideration submissions such as Sean Lynch and Will Schar.

Additional thanks go to the transient artist Maxeem Konrardy , the creator of the recently print "Ballad of Toby & Sara" Mike Sgier and the talented Kevin Cannon who also had a new book out titled "Sloth Force Seven in Time Travel". All picked up the recently minted GMN#3! THANKS!

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