Art Cellar, Arise Books Carry GMN #1 2 & 3

We have added two new GOOD MINNESOTAN retailers. You can now pick up a copy of our latest GOOD MINNESOTAN, plus any back issues you're missing, at MCAD Art Cellar and Arise Books.

The MCAD location holds a special place in our hearts for several reasons. GMN episodes #2 and 3 feature several students and alumni from MCAD's comic book program. The MCAD Art Cellar sells awesome art supplies, that's where I picked up all of the paint I used for my comic in GMN#3. AND I studied printmaking at Hamline University under Leonardo Lasansky with two of the guys that work in the store, Chris and Jacob. Jacob created SHOULD YOU ENCOUNTER A COUGAR which I have been eyeballing in many comic book shops without realizing it was his.

As for Arise Books, they are a cooperative volunteer-run book store/resource center that gives POWER TO THE PEOPLE! They have all kinds of kick ass political books such as "The People's History" by Howard Zinn and amazing t-shirts and zines. Also, this is where Raighne and I first came across Ed Moorman's minicomics. Now he is one of our dearest GMN contributors. Ed is also a comic student at MCAD.

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