Book Festival + 3 Minute Egg Interview!

If you have been paying attention, you will know that last Saturday we made an appearance at Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival. AND, that Jaime Hernandez was interviewed there by Zak Sally (who just happened to have a table next to Meghan and myself).

A very cool and fun event. We were also interviewed by Matt Peiken of 3 Minute Egg fame, which you can watch below. 3 Minute Egg is Matt Peiken's one-man blog-band. He is the host/producer/camera man/journalist for said site, which focuses on the Arts/Music scene of Minnesota. Do check out!

Other very cool people that were sitting around us were the Big Time Attic folk, and Big Brain Comics. It was nice being seated by such a rad array of comic people's!

Did I mention that we were able to trade Zak Sally GMN#3 for Sammy The Mouse #2 (AMAZING!) and to give GMN#3 to Jaime who in turn gave us positive feedback (AMAZING X10!)?

I also wanted to thank friends/contributors, (the likes of Shaun, Justin, Sara, Ed, Abby, Toby, Maddie) and family (Tommy, my mom, my sister Chantel) that stopped by to chat and take a peak at number 3. THANKS! Glad to see all. Sorry if we were gone while you stopped by, but Maggie and I had to check out the above interview! Ultra thanks go to Sara, Justin's Lady-friend for holding down the fort and being the best Sales Person EVERZ!

We did and maybe still do have a pic from the Book Festival by Meghan's brother Tommy to put up, but the internets is making getting it difficult. Thanks Tommy, no thanks internet.

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