Sorry this is a little late but WE HAVE BEEN BUSY! ARGHH!!! I wish it were our out of my system- OH WELL!

First our footage from APE. All shot by little Maggie (except when she is on the camera).

Good Minnesotan Gang at APE from raighne Hogan on Vimeo.

Rob Clough starts off his review of our GMN #3 with: "Minnesota is fertile ground for comics talent these days. Zak Sally is probably the best known name from the north country, though Will Dinski is starting to get more recognition. The GOOD MINNESOTAN anthology proves that there's a full-blown comics scene, rapidly improving from issue to issue." You can read the rest of the review up at Sequart

I must say, APE was a lot of fun. I even did a bunch of wandering around. I kept trying to run into Jessica Abel & Matt Madden, but I think I was too dehydrated, hungry, drunk (well tipsy for a short while) to find them. Added onto that I was not 100% sure what they looked like and they were only there on Saturday.

We shared a table with the very awesome & VEGAN Tessa, her comics are so awesome in fact that Matt Groening bought all three of her comics. Other Awesome vegan + cartoonist folk we ran into were David Bessent and Camilla Taylor. Their work is very beautiful, I would urge you to check it out!

In a most uncomfortable and awkward moment, I blathered like an idiot and gave some of our comics to Graham Annable. I do not think he cared much for the gift, but he accepted anyways. My awkward moments continued through trying to talk to someone at Top Shelf and give them a copy of our book. I won't bore you with the details, but I think next time I will try and remain hydrated and have my wits about me.

Drawn & Quarterly were the most receptive to my uh, advances. They said they thought it was really top notch work and would be taking it back to D+Q HQ. Yay!

I also was able to trade GMN#1 to Joshua Hagler, creator of The Boy Who Made Silence and artist assistant for Sam Kieth's My Inner Bimbo.

In conclusion Ape was a blast, but it wore me out; San Francisco is awesome and many parts of it are beautiful but the other parts are covered in human poop, pee, trash; Meghan had fun too (wined er just dined her at Millennium, a very nice+ expensive vegan restaurant), but got sick; got to hang out with Mike Sgier at the Isotope after party & prior to that at Golden Era; uh, you know this sentence and post is too long so I am ending it.

Thanks for reading!

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