New review of #2 by Optical Sloth & An Expression of Woe

We have another review of our 2nd volume of Good Minnesotan over at the Optical Sloth written by Kevin Brammer, mad drinker of a billion hours of workahol. Kevin says: "If you like your anthologies diverse and thought-provoking, you could do a whole lot worse than this" To read that sucker in full DO click on above link. Thanks Kevin!

Now something a bit more silly for y'all. The quality is a bit shotty, due to youtube's trade of accessibility for shotty quality. Oh well, oh bloody hell! The video, shot by Shaun Feltz is without sound butt enjoy it anyways-cause I sez so!

Today just shot another goofy short with Shaun Feltz. Much love to that fellow beard. I'll throw that up here at a later date along with some other stuff. Tomorrow Meghan and I are off to APE! Maybe we will see you there?

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