2 New Reviews for GMN! + Beard in Shop

Richard Krauss has reviewed GMN #1 on Comic Related and GMN #2 on Midnight Fiction. He has also posted a news item heralding the launch of GMN #3 on his blog.

Richard was interviewed on Indie Spinner Rack's first installment of their Mini-Comics Book Club (episode #138). He talked about the history of mini-comics and being a part of the Newave Comix Scene.

On that note, I must mention that Raighne's mini-comic Beard Growing Contest is now available in our 2D CLOUD store.

Also I must mention that Rob Clough's review of GMN was mentioned in Journalista, the online blog of The Comics Journal. Scroll down if you want to see it, it's pretty small, just a link, but hey we're proud fans of TCJ! Thanks to Justin for finding this.

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