SIZE MATTERS review + GMN Contributor News

Shawn Hoke has just posted a review of GOOD MINNESOTAN episodes # 1 & 2 on SIZE MATTERS: The Mini Comics Blog. He says, "Good Minnesotan is an impressive collection of art and comics[.]" Check back at SIZE MATTERS throughout the week for an upcoming review of GM #3!

GOOD MINNESOTAN has been picked up by another retailer. Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD will be selling GM beginning in January. This place has so many awesome underground comics & books that John Waters picks up his fan mail there.

Meanwhile, GMN contributors have been busy:

Nic Breutzman (GMN#2 & 3 contributor) has comics in two anthologies. The first Critical Citidal has received praise from David Mazzucchelli, Gary Panter, Matt Madden, and Dan Nadel which is a strong indicator of the quality of this book. The second, Porn Hounds #2, will be released in the Summer 2009.

Reynold Kissling's (GMN#3 contributor) original comic art is on display in the MN Museum of American Art's Hot Ink: Comic Art in Minnesota from Oct 3, 2008 - Jan 4, 2009. He is shown alongside the original comics of Zak Sally, Tom Kaczynski, King Mini, Will Dinski, Big Time Attic, and Tim Sievert who are all wonderful people and amazing comic artists.

Danno (GMN#3 contributor) and our studio neighbors Big Time Attic (Zander & Kevin Cannon) will be on KFAI radio at 6pm Sunday, Dec 14 to talk about comics for the Wave Project.

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