GMN Makes Best Comics of 2008 + SIZE MATTERS reviews GM3

Zak Sally told Raighne he saw GOOD MINNESOTAN mentioned on The Comics Reporter blog. We looked and found that Tom Spurgeon posted Shannon Smith's Best of 2008 and we had made Shannon's list!

Shannon has posted his "favorite minicomics and webcomics of 2008" on his File Under Other review site. Here's what Shannon had to say about us: "The Good Minnesotan books are amazing looking. Vol. 3 is more of a graphic novel format (I'll review it soon) but 1 and 2 are two of the "best" designed minicomics I saw all year. Especially 2." He also singled out Ed Moorman (GMN #2 & #3 contributor) for his work in various anthologies and books in 2008.

We also are thrilled to announce that Shawn Hoke wrote a review of GOOD MINNESOTAN episode #3 on SIZE MATTERS: The Mini Comics Blog. He commended the work of Toby Jones, Maddy Queripel, Ed Moorman, and Nic Breutzman's comics as his favorites but reserved his highest praise for Nic's "My Town" calling it "the best story in this book".

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