Walker's Multiples Mall: A Bookish Fair REPORT

In Attendance
Thank you to everyone who made it to the Walker Art Center's Multiples Mall: A Bookish Fair on Saturday! It was wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and family, to network with local book artists, and get more of our books read. Thank you for buying our comics!!!

We saw many Good Minnesotan contributors at the Fair. Fellow guests Abby Mullen and Ed Choy Moorman had their own tables. Abby wore a pen drawn mustache, red sweater, and found name tag and stayed in character as the lead from her latest mini-comic throughout the afternoon. Ed had his latest mini-comic Scenes from the Life and Death of Jim Henson. GMN Contributors Justin Skarhus, Luke Holden, Toby Jones, and Maddy Queripel also attended.

Raighne built a 3D house with a clothes line to hold his mini comics. It was very popular. One woman even wanted to know if it was for sale. We were just glad anyone noticed our house, because the table next to us had a much bigger house in their table display! We plan on building more of these 3D sets for future shows and possibly a whole town for Art-A-Whirl 2009.

Sarah Morean traded us 3 mini comics "MAN UP", "CRIMINAL", and "Stuff in a Book". Sarah will be starting the Make Better Books podcasting series in March for bookmakers and self-publishers. Bookmark it!

Sean Lynch traded us an untitled (?) mini-comic. I would promote it more but it isn't anywhere to be found on the internets. Let's just say that it gets a prize for the best villianous name (Skully McShootface) and most ingenius format of video game play as mini-comic. Plus it comes with a hand-drawn love note.

Eric Brandt & Elisabeth Workman traded us an Opolis book and a_city_a_cloud poster. "Opolis" was printed on phonebook paper and both it and the poster were printed in Doha, Qatar. Gorgeous.

Nick Busse took the photos of us included in this post. He and his wife Patty are an amazing couple and also talented political writers. And they're beautiful. Last summer Nick was nominated for the 2008 Most Beautiful People at the Capitol Awards by Rake Magazine.

Matt Peiken of 3 Minute Egg was roaming around with his camera so check next week for a video about Multiples Mall. We shan't be on it, because he wanted to cover artists he hasn't interviewed previously. We did make the cut for his "2008 The Year in Eggs" DVD for sale on his site.

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