Book Arts on 3 Minute Egg

"3-Minute Egg is “The Twin Cities arts seen,” created and produced by Matt Peiken, former staff arts writer at the St. Paul Pioneer Press and managing editor of the Walker Art Center’s magazine." --3minuteegg.org

Anybody who attends art events in the Twin Cities has bumped into Matt Peiken and his video camera at some point. I recommend watching his video-reporting on his website. It's a neat way to be find out what's happening in the local arts community.

I'm happy that he's taken notice of the Book Arts in Minneapolis!

Here is the Multiples Mall 3 Minute Egg video. My favorite part is the Sean Lynch interview. His stuff is so amazing!

This 3 Minute Egg report from Nov 2008 highlights some of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts Book Arts Fest. Justin and Raighne had a table there, but aren't in the video. However the immensely talented and wonderful Tom K. and Sarah Morean are interviewed!

Now go visit 3minuteegg.org!

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