GMN In The Daily Crosshatch's Microcon Roundup

During one of our regular perusals of The Comics Journal's Journalista page this past week we noticed to our delight that, as promised, Sarah Morean had included us in her coverage of last Sunday's MCBA Microcon . Focusing on the methods and means by which various indie creators distinguish their tables to attract con-goers, Sarah stopped to chat with Justin, our "often unsung, but frequent frontman". Although Sarah found our setup spread a little thin in comparison to February's Multiples Mall show at the Walker, she was impressed with the work we had on hand. Admittedly, our little display house had seen better days and we were running sans-clothesline, but our pins and pair of minis by Raighne and Meghan helped give the table a greater sense of balance than past cons. Thanks to Sarah for her interest and support and to Dirk Deppey for keeping us Minnesotans in the news!

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