Shaun + Brendan = movie manstuff

One of the reasons Raighne and I became publishers is because we have many talented friends to work on projects with. Our friend Shaun Feltz is a filmmaker and writer. He is collaborating with Nic and Raighne on our current series of 3 Yearbooks the first of which we just published. He is also editing our much-hyped and still absent (apologies...we have been doing too many comic cons) podcast interviews.

Shaun directed Raighne in two of his short films. Maybe some of you remember An Expression of Woe within which Raighne cries over a wooden duck? I would like to share another video of Shaun's with you today. It carries a special place in our hearts because it stars Brendan Holloway. Brendan was our roommate for a couple of years (read Justin and Raighne's Sex Box in GMN #3). We are all going to his wedding this Saturday. We wish Brendan congratulations and now let's watch Shaun's film.

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