Bare Tare Craft Fare

Going out in sweat-blazed glory, the 2d Cloud summer touring sched has officially come to an end with Caffetto's 2nd annual Craft fair. I could have done with less sun, more money, and more serious looking little boys hula-hooping through whole noise sets, but I did appreciate seeing those who graced Sarah, Shaun, and I with their presence. Thanks to Shaun for wrangling up some customers, keeping an eye on the table while Sarah and I were away, and keeping me company for the final leg of one of the longer shows I've been a part of. Although people of our ilk were at a minimum (I think Josh Journey-Heinz was the closest I could find to a fellow countryman(get his new book, as I did!!)), I feel that overall our presence was worth the oscillation between genuine enthusies for our booksies and mild interest quickly sprinkled with disregard. Anywho, thanks Caffetto, I can't say I drink much fluids there as of late (living in Seward will do that to you), but a good time was had by us. Bye!

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