FallCon...Rain Taxi TC Book Fest...what happened

Last October during FallCon it was almost 90 degrees and this year it snowed. Bahhh! I've never experienced a mild convention. Here we are freezing in our fall gear. Thanks to Renny's photo of us you can admire Raighne's Louvre-stashe. All the worthy male MIA guards are sporting them for the Louvre show.

Tom K. stopped by our table to take a photo. While I was looking for it on Flickr I found Tom's photo of Justin at the Toronto Comic Arts Fest 2009. While Justin and Sarah manned the table we stopped by Tom's table and bought a copy of the mini-comic Gabrielle Bell's L.A. Diary. He he wrote the Introduction. Gabrielle sketched a portrait of Raighne and I in our new copy. Wish we had a portrait of our lovely Shaun Feltz. He represented 2D Cloud at Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Fest and it was his birthday week too...

Here's a (blurry overexposed) photo of one of my Geirdoz. Geirdo is what my brother used to call me when we were kids. I translate it roughly as meaning dork or nerd. I did a test sale with two of these crocheted creatures at FallCon. We just got asked to participate in the Artist Mart at the Walker Art Center's Gift Shop in December and I will sell more Geirdoz there. Better pics to come with my Geirdoz blog.

Post-convention recap: We've got to burn lots of midnight oil what with all the minis we picked up from local comics people. This reading list most notably includes Sam Anderson who, in addition to comics, gave us a free screen print of an ear. We owe him.


Loops O'Fury said...

How did the octopus turn out?

Good Minnesotan said...

Hi Loops!
I haven't been at this blog too much anymore so I missed your comment. I have a new blog with my octopus...except now it's an alien bunny. http://geirdoz.blogspot.com/
Let me know what you think of it!