2D Cloud @ MCBA Book Arts Fest this Saturday

10am-5pm this Saturday Nov 14 Raighne and I will be at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts selling our comics and creatures at the Center's annual Book Arts Fest. I'm super excited because I've never gotten to work this event before. There will be lots of artist-created books. The thought of all those handmade papers, screen-printed covers, and letterpress printed texts makes my quiver with delight. No doubt I'll be spending any and all of my profits...  Also, I've heard from my Mom that there is a mystery writing conference going on at the Loft Literary Center (also located at Open Book) on the same day.

We will have the second edition of Beard Growing Contest for sale at our table. It has a different cover, printed by our amazing neighbor Eric Recktenwald and his company The Lab Digital Production. The printing quality makes me cry with awe.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts is located in
the Open Book Building in downtown Minneapolis
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612.215.2520

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Paul said...

hello, just wanted to express my complete adoration of the little beard growing contest book i bought on saturday. my wife and i really loved yr creations and blissyvibes. :) somehow the book seems to have inspired me to grow a beard. but i already had one, so i shaved mine off on tuesday night and am starting anew! hahaha, thanks for the courage, guys!

please take this love from my fingertips and keep spreading it through all that you do.

bearded dream travel 4 life,